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Geo-Facts – "fact gathering can be fun when its relayed to the rest of the class through a student presentation."

Learning Outcomes: From this resource it is anticipated that students will:

  • Learn the locations of the countries of the world.
  • Utilize research techniques.
  • Build confidence through oral presentations.
  • Develop spatial comprehension.
  • Be introduced to social and cultural differences.
  • Demonstrate how people's basic needs are met in a variety of cultures.

Grade Level 4-6 covering subjects:

  • Geography
  • Theater Arts
  • Language Arts

Prep Time:

  • 30 minutes approximately

Action Required:

  • READ this Learning Resource.
  • COPY the STUDENT RESEARCH SHEET, one for each student.
  • COPY one each of the GEO-FACTS MARKING SHEET and the COUNTRY LIST SHEET for yourself.
  • On the GEO-FACTS MARKING SHEET list your students in column 'A', and then allocate a country from the COUNTRY LIST in column 'B'.

Equipment Required:

  • Photocopier

Approximate Grade Level: 4-6

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