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I'm a Fisherman, I'm a Farmer

I'm a Fisherman, I'm a Farmer
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I'm a Fisherman, I'm a Farmer – Investigate different cultures "peanut buttered grasshoppers for lunch, home to the yurt for baked prairie dog, evening games of racing the cockroaches."

The Performance: I'm a Fisher, I'm a Farmer Overview:

I'm a Fisher, I'm a Farmer can be an individual class project or a collective project including other subject teachers. Depending on the time you have available to work with your students, it could take two to four weeks in subject class preparation time that will lead to an actual live 'Theater Performance'. A performance for students, teachers and parents! The performance educates all the students participating and the audience, regardless of age. The performances could make a great addition to a Parent's Day, Education Week, a community event or maybe a fundraiser; not to mention, the grand opening of your Geotheater!

Learning Outcomes: From this resource it is anticipated that students will:

  • Generate information from a variety of sources and experiences.
  • Share information using oral, visual and written representation.
  • Organize information into sequenced presentations.
  • Investigate and describe the diverse ways people live around the world from a social, cultural and practical perspective.
  • Investigate and record information from classroom and library sources.
  • Locate and learn the locations of different countries around the world.
  • Develop spatial comprehension.
  • Understand how various cultures meet common needs.
  • Develop an appreciation for the unique attributes of various cultures around the world.

Grade Level 4-8 covering subjects:

  • Geography
  • Language Arts
  • Teamwork
  • Theater Arts
  • Fine Arts

Prep Time:

  • 60 minutes approximately

Action Required:

  • READ and DIGEST this resource.
  • COPY the RESEARCH DRAFT SCRIPT and the STUDENT SCRIPT, one for each student.
  • COPY the CLASS MARKING SHEET, one for yourself and one for each of the other teachers you have involved.

Equipment Required:

  • Paper, drawing, modeling & painting supplies
  • Colored ribbon, yarn or flagging tape.

Approximate Grade Level: 4-8

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