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Grouping: Australia Pacific

Grouping: Australia Pacific
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Australia Pacific is the focus for this group of 5 explorers and their 9 journeys.

1.  The Explorer - Journey 1:  James Cook, 1771 - Australasia

The Story:  Stingray Bay

2.  The Explorer - Journey 2:  James Cook, 1776 - Australasia

The Story:  Death on the Beach

 Join the explorations and various amazing adventures of Captain James Cook.  In 1768, he travels thousands of miles from England to the tip of South America, around the Cape, and across the Pacific to discover Australia.  On his second voyage, he circumnavigates and maps New Zealand (not portrayed here).  On his third voyage, he explores the South Pacific, and becomes the first European to explore the Hawaiian Islands.  He  then ventures up the west coast of America to Alaska.  Returning to Hawaii for the winter, he is attacked and stabbed to death on the beach at Kealakekua Bay. 

3.  The Explorer - Journey 1:  Ferdinand Magellan, 1519 - South America / Atlantic

The Story:  Weevils in the Food

4.  The Explorer - Journey 2:  Ferdinand Magellan, 1522 - South America / Pacific

The Story:  Hacked to Death

Join 5 ships, in dubious condition, and 230 seamen, under the command of Ferdinand Magellan as they leave Spain in 1519.  Heading south west, they are tormented by fickle trade winds and crew mutiny.  They discover a strait out of the storm that takes them into the Pacific.  Eventually they sail up the west coast of South America into the open Pacific and various South Seas islands. Having circumnavigated the world, 18 sailors make it home without their captain.

5.  The Explorer:  Alvaro de Mendana de Neira & Perdo Sarmiento de Gamboa, 1567 - South Pacific

The Story:  Floating on Liquid Air
Join two Spanish vessels in 1567 on their 8000 mile sail across the Pacific through tropical waters, as clear as air. They almost make Australia, but captain and navigator, argue so much that they return to Peru, against their orders, and a fraction short of making that great discovery and claiming the lands for Spain.

6.  The Explorer - Journey 1:  Intrepid Polynesian Colonists, circa 900AD - Australasia / Pacific

The Story:  Old Red Eyes

7.  The Explorer - Journey 2:  Intrepid Polynesian Colonists, circa 900AD - Australasia / Pacific

The Story:  The Goddess Pele

Join two families in their dugout canoes as they paddle and sail out into the mighty Pacific Ocean.  Led by Old Red Eyes, the sailor, who, without navigation instruments, feels the water current, listens to the waves, and smells the land in the distance.  He manages to bring them over 5000 miles of ocean to their destination of Hawaii, home of the land creator, the Goddess, Pele.

8.  The Explorer - Journey 1:  Abel Tasman, 1642 - Australasia / New Zealand

The Story:  Maori Warriors

9.  The Explorer - Journey 2:  Abel Tasman, 1642 - Australasia / Indonesia

The Story:  Death Ship

Follow the two part journey of the great Dutch seaman Abel Tasman.  He leaves Indonesia and heads south west towards Africa to catch the Roaring 40’s and be blown east to find Tasmania and New Zealand.  On New Zealand his landing party are ferociously and unexpectedly attacked by chanting Maori Warriors, and 4 were killed immediately.  Fearing that this reception would be the same everywhere on these islands, they kept off the coast and soon ran out of food and water.  Eventually,  they are able to resupply and rest on the friendly island of Tonga before returning to Indonesia.

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