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Grouping: Europe and Asia

Grouping: Europe and Asia
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Europe and Asia are the focus for this group of 4 explorers and their 5 journeys.

1.  The Explorer:  Alfonso de Albuquerque, 1506 - East Africa / India / Sumatra

The Story:  Vanquish the Sultan

Follow the adventures of Alfonso de Albuquerque of Portugal, who, in 1506, with 5 ships, plunders the east coast of Africa and the Persian Gulf.  With the King’s secret warrant, he deposes the viceroy of India.  At Malacca, he instigates and wins violent battles with the local Sultans and demands that the subjugated peoples convert to Christianity, leave the area, or be executed.

2.  The Explorer - Journey 1:  Cheng Ho (a.k.a. Zheng He), 1405 - Asia / Indonesia

The Story:  The Big Ships

3.  The Explorer - Journey 2:  Cheng Ho (a.k.a. Zheng He), 1406 - Asia / Indonesia

The Story:  Pirate Fleet

In the year 1405, we join the massive Chinese trade fleet carrying 27,000 men in 62 wooden ships, the 4 largest of which were 400 feet long and 160 feet wide.  The fleet was commanded by the eunuch Admiral, Cheng Ho .  They set out to develop trade and relationships with their neighbors to the west, even as far as India.  They utilize advanced navigation techniques to keep their fleet together.  Unfortunately, they are followed by pirates and suffer from running attacks.  This culminates in a major battle with a full pirate fleet off the coast of Sumatra.

4.  The Explorer:  Joannes de Plano, 1245 - Europe / Asia

The Story:  The Golden Horde

Follow the aging monk, Joannes de Plano, who, in his sixties, at the request of the Pope, traveled from France to Mongolia on foot, by carriage and horse, through the wild Mongol Hordes.  Tied to a prairie horse, through the Golden Horde, around sea, across desert and over mountains, he reached the capital of the Great Khan.  He returned safely to write the first comprehensive European study about Eastern society.

5.  The Explorer:  The Polo Brothers, 1260 - Asia / West to East

The Story:  The Celestial Mountains

Civil War and political turmoil drive two Italian merchant brothers to seek their fortunes in trade with eastern countries along the silk route, a 7000 mile journey. They develop a relationship with a royal emissary  who encourages them to travel through the vast Gobi Desert and along the Celestial Mountains to the new court of the Great Khan at Beijing. Marco Polo is the son of Niccolo.

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