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Grouping: North America - Canada

Grouping: North America - Canada
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North America - Canada is the focus for this group of 6 explorers and their journeys:

1.  The Explorer:  John Cabot, 1497 - North America / Canada

The Story:  Grand Banks

Follow John Cabot, a.k.a. Giovanni Caboto, an Italian explorer commissioned by Henry VII of England, and his crew.  In 1497 they sail west from England through dense fog into the northern latitudes past great floating ice mountains in search of a short route to Cathay (Asia).  Eventually, further west, they discovered milder waters, so full of fish, that they could almost walk on the teaming surface.

2.  The Explorer:  Jacques Cartier, 1534 - North America / Canada

The Story:  5 Times the Size of Man

Join the first Journey of Jacques Cartier, in 1534, as he crosses the North Atlantic, then onto eastern Canada.  Fear sweeps through the crew as their ship is suddenly surrounded by huge white chattering sea creatures.  Later, he meets and trades with friendly native fishermen from the Mic Mac and Huron tribes and claims all lands for France.

3.  The Explorer:  Eric the Red / Lief Ericson, circa 1000AD - North America / Canada

The Story:  Long Boats

Follow longboats out into the freezing ocean of the north Atlantic manned by the untamable and fearless Norsemen.  A thousand years ago they ventured from Scandinavia, to Iceland to Greenland and onto the shores of North America and were quite possibly the first Europeans to set foot on North American soil.

4.  The Explorer:  Martin Frobisher, 1576 - North America / Canada

The Story:  Inuksuk

Follow Martin Frobisher in search of the North West Passage to the Far East.  Two of his three vessels are sunk in the massive freezing seas of the North Atlantic.  His remaining vessel escapes the open seas into what he thinks is a strait, but it dead ends and is then named Frobisher Bay.  In the Bay, they meet and trade with Eskimo Peoples.

5.  The Explorer:  Henry Hudson, 1610 - North America / Canada

The Story:  Mutiny

Join Henry Hudson’s expedition in 1562, fighting months of freezing cold, hunger and disease, attempting to find a northern route to Cathay (Asia).  After a disastrous winter, his crew mutiny and abandon him with his young son in a row boat on the bay, now named after him.

6.  The Explorer:  George Vancouver, 1791 - North America / Hawaii

The Story:  English Hawaii?

Join Captain George Vancouver in 1791, as he leaves England and sails south around Africa and further south, to be driven towards Australasia by the Roaring Forties.  He charted the west coast of Australia and explored the coast of New Zealand, before crossing the Pacific towards the Americas.  He develops a coastal exploration system and spends 3 years charting the west coast of North America.  He trades and barters with the friendly local natives.  Returning to Hawaii, he persuades several chiefs to cede their lands to Great Britain for protection.  Finally, he returns to Britain, via Cape Horn in South America.

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