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For Educators: Alvarez de Pineda, Alonso de

For Educators: Alvarez de Pineda, Alonso de
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The Explorer: Alonso de Alvarez de Pineda, 1519 - North America / Gulf of Mexico

The Story: Corpus Christi

Join the four ships of Alonso de Alvarez de Pineda, who, in 1519, explores north, from Jamaica, through wicked storms, onto the west coast of Florida.  Depth sounding all the way, he maps the gulf coast around to Corpus Christi.  Sailing further down the Gulf to Vera Cruz, he is attacked by his fellow countryman, under the command of Hernan Cortez. Pineda escapes back to Tampico Bay, where the natives attack his settlement and slaughter everyone, including the horses.
This Journey of Discovery includes:
  • the story (in both Script and Arial fonts), with ‘outside the box’ word clues and without clues for early readers
  • an educator information page with anticipated learning outcomes
  • a world projection map, a telescoped map of the explored area and a compass
  • the clues and solution
  • a list of journeys and their explorers

The Journeys are all:

  • in greyscale.
  • PDF downloadable.

Our resources encourage interaction and fun while introducing locations, weather/social conditions, cities, countries, seas, oceans and continents.  They demonstrate the use of compass points for direction and the use of longitude and latitude ... your students won’t even know it’s a lesson.  In addition, they provide a portrayal of an actual historic journey - please note that the identity of the explorer is not mentioned in the story as it is part of the solution for you to share with your class!

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