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Grouping: South America

Grouping: South America
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South America is the focus for this group of 6 explorers and their 10 journeys.

1.  The Explorer - Journey 1:  Francis Drake, 1577 - South America / Atlantic

The Story:  The Dragon Wakes

2.  The Explorer - Journey 2:  Francis Drake, 1577 - South America / Pacific

The Story:  The Dragon Roars

3.  The Explorer - Journey 3:  Francis Drake, 1578 - North America / Pacific

The Story:  The Dragon Gorges

4.  The Explorer - Journey 4:  Francis Drake, 1578 - Asia / Africa / Europe

The Story:  The Dragon Crawls Home

Enjoy this 4 part epic journey of piracy, plunder, mutiny and great courage.  Sir Francis Drake (a.k.a. El Draco the pirate) and his crew fight ferocious storms, attack Spanish galleons and settlements and eventually circumnavigate the world returning with great riches!

5.  The Explorer - Journey 1:  Ferdinand Magellan, 1519 - South America / Atlantic

The Story:  Weevils in the Food

6.  The Explorer - Journey 2:  Ferdinand Magellan, 1522 - South America / Pacific

The Story:  Hacked to Death

Join 5 ships, in dubious condition, and 230 seamen, under the command of Ferdinand Magellan as they leave Spain in 1519.  Heading south west, they are tormented by fickle trade winds and crew mutiny.  They discover a strait out of the storm that takes them into the Pacific.  Eventually they sail up the west coast of South America into the open Pacific and various South Seas islands. Having circumnavigated the world, 18 sailors make it home without their captain.

7.  The Explorer:  Francisco de Orellana, 1542 - South America / Amazon

The Story:  Blood Pink Frothing Water

Imagine the oppressive jungle opening up into a massive river whose banks are infested with strange and colorful animals, its waters abounding with flesh eating creatures.  Here is where Francisco de Orellana, in 1542, navigates and battles his way east from the mountains to the mouth of the Amazon River.

8.  The Explorer:  Francisco Pizarro, 1532 - South America / Peru

The Story:  180 Conquer Empire

Join Francisco Pizarro in 1532 with his 3 ships and 180 Spaniards.  They sail from Panama south down the west coast of South America into the lands of the Inca Empire.  With bravado and deceit, they managed to overcome thousands of Inca warriors and kill the ‘God’ Emperor subjugating the Empire to Spain.

9.  The Explorer:  Gonzalo Pizarro, 1541 - South America / Peru

The Story:  El Dorado

Join Gonzalo Pizarro in 1541, as he, commanding 200+ Spaniards and 4000 natives, ventures from a city in the sky in the Andes Mountains east searching for El Dorado.  Out of the mountains, they encounter dense Amazonian jungle, wild animals and torturous insects.  Most die or desert the expedition, and Pizarro returns to the mountains with only 80 men.  His second in command continues by boat, down river to explore the Amazon.

10.  The Explorer:  Amerigo Vespucci, 1497 - South America / North

The Story:  Drinkable Sea Water

Join Amerigo Vespucci and his crew in 1497 as they sail south from Spain into violent weather and ocean sand storms.  They negotiate the doldrums onto the northern coast of South America and experience the amazing phenomenon of drinking ocean water.  His documented journeys and written reports of the western lands had European publishers naming the continents after him, America.

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