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Grouping: Central America - Mexico

Grouping: Central America - Mexico
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Central America and specifically Mexico are the focus for this group of 5 explorers and their journeys.

1.  The Explorer:  Vasco Nunez de Balboa, 1519 - Central America / Panama

The Story:  Howler Monkeys

Follow the Journey of Vasco Nunez de Balboa and his men in 1519, as they battle ferocious native warriors, dense jungle, deadly insects and wild animals across Central America. Their exploration and conquest become perhaps the most important short journey of discovery ever made.


2.  The Explorer:  Hernan Cortez, 1519 - Mexico

The Story:  War Dogs

Join Hernan Cortez in his conquest of the Aztec empire in 1519.  First he sinks his fleet in the Bay of Campeche and then marches his 500 men inland in search of riches.  With guns, horses, war dogs and treachery, he spreads fear before him and leaves unknown sickness in his wake, decimating the native population. 

3.  The Explorer:  Alonzo de Ojeda, 1509 - South America / Caribbean

The Story:  Warrior Women

Join the 1509 voyage of conquistador, Alonzo de Ojeda, as he attempts to subjugate the natives along the Caribbean coast of South America.  His landing party of 70 men is attacked by ferocious male and female warriors, who hack to death 68 of them.  Ojeda and one other escape.  This incident is the start of a string of bad luck that ends in Ojeda’s eventual ship wreck and death. 

4.  The Explorer:  Christopher Columbus, 1492 - North America

The Story:  Desperate and Lost

Follow the Journey of Christopher Columbus, his 3 ships and crew.  In 1492, on his first epic 5 week open water journey, they crossed an unforgiving Atlantic Ocean  driven by his determination to find the Eastern lands by going west ... or die trying.

5.  The Explorer:  John Hawkins, 1562 - West Africa / West Indies

The Story:  Slavery

Join the English adventurer and sea captain, John Hawkins, as he plunders his way through the West coast of Africa, attacking Spanish and Portugese ships and settlements.  He travels on to the West Indies,  where he trades his captured slaves.  Later in life, he becomes treasurer of the Royal Navy and a Member of Parliament.

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