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Welcome to Geotheater

“I’d like to see a GEOTHEATER in every school in the province!”
Greg Smith
Social Studies Coordinator for British Columbia

“It (the GEOTHEATER) is self teaching and provides purposeful play.”
Phillip Rathjen
Okanagan Falls Elementary

“I am most impressed with the teaching tools! Obviously teachers were consulted or somebody with a clear idea of instructing. The tools are fun, easy to work with and require minimal preparation.”
Terry Collis
District Principal
Okanagan Similkameen

“The students enjoy using the GEOTHEATER. Any time you can make anything fun, the children are going to try harder and become keen listeners and learners.”
Cal Johnson
Director Social Studies
Glenfir School School

Perform to Learn Testimonials

Perform to Learn

"All the world is your stage"

"Explore, Laugh. Learn"

Perform to Learn

The Geotheater Perform to Learn resources provide any educator with simple directions to have their class produce a performance to entertain their, school, their parents, or to post online to compete with other schools.

The performance development process can cover several subject areas to mesh with your curriculum requirements. You pick the content for your students to research and writer their own page of the script. The core developmental areas are:

  • Social Studies (history and Geography)
  • Language Arts (research and writing)
  • Fine Arts (model or picture production)
  • Theater Arts (presentation and public speaking from a script)
  • Teamwork (taking and giving direction and assisting others)

Performances do not necessary require a physical world floor map. Instead of a floor map, a wall atlas may be used with a student pointing at their performance location and perhaps identifying it with a sticker or stick pin.

Geotheater Executive Overview

The Learning Pyramid

The World FactBook website

A great comprehensive online resource for educators and students.


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