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AlphaHop: It's like Hopscotch but different in that it teaches the alphabet...

Many students come to pre-school or primary school armed with a thorough foundation in the alphabet, some do not. This basic building block is learned at varying ages and stages of a young child's development. In addition in any class there could be ESL (English Second Language) students, delayed learners or those with special needs. The AlphaHop helps level the playing field for these special little humans.

Show Your Color
AlphaHopping the Schoolyard

AlphaHop is low cost and brightens any school yard, hall or gym. It is easy to install. The 2 colors required could be your school colors.

(paint not included)


Learning Outcomes

Utilizing the AlphaHop Learning Resource Procedures, it is anticipated that students will:
  • Learn and re-enforce the alphabet.
  • Learn to enunciate each letter of the alphabet.
  • Participate in social interaction & teamwork.
  • Learn left from right.
  • Learn to take turns.
  • Develop gross motor skills.
  • Participate in purposeful play at recess.
Alpha Hop Discount

Great for DayCare & Primary

Children learn the alphabet while hopping on monster feet inlaid with the letters of the alphabet. The monster feet are set out in a sequence to match the rhythm/cadence of our 'Alphabet Song' (clear neutral accented Canadian English voice). The installation of the AlphaHop©, indoors or out makes a bright colorful "performance learning" addition to the surface of a playground, walkway or gym at any school or daycare.

Your AlphaHop Download includes:

  • Monster feet & Alphabet Stencils for cutouts
  • Installation Instructions & three suggested layout plans
  • Teaching Resource to produce anticipated Learning Outcomes
  • Download with repeating music for the Alphabet cadence
  • Rights to lifetime single location reproduction.


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Physical activity outdoors or inside ... loaded with tons of fun!  Learning the alphabet ..