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Journeys of Discovery

Journeys of Discovery for Educators

What happens when you take an explorer, add an exciting story of exploration, along with a map and stimulating 'think outside the box' word clues? You have an innovative interactive class room resource for you and your students that is truly a 'Journey of Discovery'!

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Anticipated Learning Outcomes

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You will travel with 39 explorers through their 52 journeys. The interactive element of this resource is so much fun that students won't even know it's a lesson.

It's simple, here's what you do!

  1. Select an explorer, but do not identify him to the class.
  2. Look at the 3 short story alternatives and choose the one that best suits your students.
  3. Then for an interactive class exercise, copy the selected story page and the map page for each student. Hand out and watch the fun begin.
  4. Enjoy leading them through the story requiring they solve the word clues by finding the locations on the map.
  5. Upon satisfactory completion of the journey of discovery divulge the identity of the explorer.

Optionally, hand out as a homework project for the interactive discussion later in class.

If you have a wall map, it could be used to point to the clue locations in the journey.

Anticipated Learning Outcomes

'Journeys of Discovery' strives to incorporate the following learning outcomes and it is anticipated that students who follow these journeys will:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of maps, longitude and latitude, directions (compass points) and spatial concepts.
  • Be introduced to specific explorers and their historic journeys of discovery.
  • Learn the locations of the world's continents, oceans and many countries.
  • Be introduced to the locations and impacts of certain physical phenomena such as winds, ocean currents, temperatures, mountains, jungles, deserts, rivers, flora and fauna.
  • Develop an interest in historic events and persons, specific and periodic.
  • Develop an understanding of the influence of Western European society on the world through discovery and the opening of trade routes.
  • Be creative and use imagination to help solve problems.
  • Express 'off the wall ideas' without fear of criticism.
  • Be introduced to varied historic social conditions such as master/servant relationships, slavery, hygiene, food, water, etc.

Journeys of Exploration - Explorer List and Pricing

Reproduction rights are granted to the individual purchaser for ten years. The purchased Journey of Discovery may then be reproduced and used with their students only.

No other reproduction is allowed without permission. School Districts, Schools and Corporate licensing is to be determined by contacting:

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For Educators: Albuquerque, Alfonso de
The Explorer: Alfonso de Albuquerque, 1506 - East Africa / India / Sumatra The Story: Vanquish t..
For Educators: Almeida, Francisco de
The Explorer: Francisco de Almeida, 1505 - Africa / Asia The Story: The Somali Current Follow ..
For Educators: Alvarez de Pineda, Alonso de
The Explorer: Alonso de Alvarez de Pineda, 1519 - North America / Gulf of Mexico The Story: Corp..
For Educators: Balboa, Vasco Nunez de
The Explorer: Vasco Nunez de Balboa, 1519 - Central America / Panama The Story: Howler Monkeys ..
For Educators: Battuta, Muhammed Ibn
The Explorer: Muhammad Ibn Battuta, 1325 - North Africa / Arabia The Story: Camel Thieves Foll..
For Educators: Brendan, Saint
The Explorer: Saint Brendan, 570 - North America / Atlantic The Story: Earthly Paradise Join t..
For Educators: Cabot, John
The Explorer: John Cabot, 1497 - North America / Canada The Story: Grand Banks Follow John Cab..
For Educators: Cabral, Pedro Alvarez
The Explorer: Pedro Alvarez Cabral, 1500 - Brazil / Africa / Asia The Story: Cape of All Storms ..
For Educators: Cartier, Jacques
The Explorer: Jacques Cartier, 1534 - North America / Canada The Story: 5 Times the Size of Man ..
For Educators: Cavendish, Thomas
The Explorer: Thomas Cavendish, 1586 - Circumnavigation The Story: Privateer - Pirate? Join En..
For Educators: Cheng Ho 1&2 (a.k.a. Zheng He)
The Explorer - Journey 1: Cheng Ho (a.k.a. Zheng He), 1405 - Asia / Indonesia The Story: The Big..
For Educators: Columbus, Christopher
The Explorer: Christopher Columbus, 1492 - North America The Story: Desperate and Lost Follow ..
For Educators: Cook, James 1&2
The Explorer - Journey 1: James Cook, 1771 - Australasia The Story: Stingray Bay The Explorer ..
For Educators: Cortez, Hernan
The Explorer: Hernan Cortez, 1519 - Mexico The Story: War Dogs Join Hernan Cortez in his conqu..
For Educators: Covilham, Pero da 1-4
The Explorer - Journey 1: Pero da Covilham, 1487 - Europe / Mediterranean The Story: Spies for P..
For Educators: Diaz, Bartholomew 1&2
The Explorer - Journey 1: Bartholomew Diaz, 1487 - West Africa The Story: Sand Dunes The Explo..
For Educators: Drake, Francis 1-4 (a.k.a. El Draco)
The Explorer - Journey 1: Francis Drake, 1577 - South America / Atlantic The Story: The Dragon W..
For Educators: Eric the Red
The Explorer: Eric the Red / Lief Ericson, circa 1000AD - North America / Canada The Story: Long..
For Educators: Frobisher, Martin
The Explorer: Martin Frobisher, 1576 - North America / Canada The Story: Inuksuk Follow Martin..
For Educators: Gama, Vasco de
The explorer: Vasco de Gama, 1497 - Africa/Asia The story: Exotic Fruits and Fish   Fol..
For Educators: Hanno the Navigator 1&2
The Explorer - Journey 1: Hanno the Navigator, 455BC - Africa / Mediterranean The Story: Pillars..
For Educators: Hawkins, John
The Explorer: John Hawkins, 1562 - West Africa / West Indies The Story: Slavery Join the Engli..
For Educators: Hudson, Henry
The Explorer: Henry Hudson, 1610 - North America / Canada The Story: Mutiny Join Henry Hudson&..
For Educators: Leon, Ponce de
The Explorer: Ponce de Leon, 1513 - North America / Florida The Story: Flying Fish Join the 3 ..
For Educators: Magellan, Ferdinand 1&2
The Explorer - Journey 1: Ferdinand Magellan, 1519 - South America / Atlantic The Story: Weevils..
For Educators: Mendana & Gamboa
The Explorer: Alvaro de Mendana de Neira & Perdo Sarmiento de Gamboa, 1567 - South Pacific T..
For Educators: Ojeda, Alonzo de
The Explorer: Alonzo de Ojeda, 1509 - South America / Caribbean The Story: Warrior Women Join ..
For Educators: Orellana, Francisco de
The Explorer: Francisco de Orellana, 1542 - South America / Amazon The Story: Blood Pink Frothin..
For Educators: Park, Mungo
The Explorer: Mungo Park, 1806 - West Africa The Story: Timbuktu Join Mungo Park, in 1806, and..
For Educators: Periera, Duarte Pacheco
The Explorer: Duarte Pacheco Periera, 1488 - West Africa The Story: Stolen Ship Join the crew ..
For Educators: Pizarro, Francisco
The Explorer: Francisco Pizarro, 1532 - South America / Peru The Story:180 Conquer Empire Join..
For Educators: Pizarro, Gonzalo
The Explorer: Gonzalo Pizarro, 1541 - South America / Peru The Story: El Dorado Join Gonzalo P..
For Educators: Plano, Joannes de
The Explorer: Joannes de Plano, 1245 - Europe / Asia The Story: The Golden Horde Follow the ag..
For Educators: Polo Brothers
The Explorer: The Polo Brothers, 1260 - Asia / West to East The Story: The Celestial Mountains ..
For Educators: Polynesia 1&2
The Explorer - Journey 1: Intrepid Polynesian Colonists, circa 900AD - Australasia / Pacific The..
For Educators: Tasman, Abel 1&2
The Explorer - Journey 1: Abel Tasman, 1642 - Australasia / New Zealand The Story: Maori Warrior..
For Educators: Vancouver, George
The Explorer: George Vancouver, 1791 - North America / Hawaii The Story:English Hawaii? Join C..
For Educators: Verrazano, Giovanni da
The Explorer: Giovanni da Verrazano, 1525 - North America / Atlantic The Story: Cape Fear It&r..
For Educators: Vespucci, Amerigo
The Explorer: Amerigo Vespucci, 1497 - South America / North The Story: Drinkable Sea Water Jo..
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Grouping: Africa and Arabia
Africa and Arabia are the focus for this group of 9 explorers and their 14 journeys. 1.  T..
Grouping: Australia Pacific
Australia Pacific is the focus for this group of 5 explorers and their 9 journeys. 1.  The..
Grouping: Central America - Mexico
Central America and specifically Mexico are the focus for this group of 5 explorers and their jour..
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Circumnavigation is the focus for this group of 4 explorers and their 8 journeys. 1.  The ..
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Grouping: North America - USA
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Grouping: South America
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