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Physical activity outdoors or inside ... loaded with tons of fun!  Learning the alphabet is FUNdamental to the education of every child - the AlphaHop is a great new way for kids to learn their alphabet!

Children learn the alphabet while hopping on monster feet inlaid with the letters of the alphabet.  The monster feet are set out in a sequence to match the rhythm/cadence of our 'Alphabet Song'.

The AlphaHop can be painted on any flat surface, indoors in a hallway or gym or outside in the playground.

Kinesthetic learning has been proven to be a favorite for almost all children. Retention rates for hands-on learning are in the 75 - 80 percentile range.  It's wonderful to have an  activity.

Learning Outcomes:

Utilizing the AlphaHop Learning Resource Procedures, it is anticipated that students will:

  • Learn and re-enforce the alphabet.
  • Learn to enunciate each letter of the alphabet.<
  • Participate in social interaction & teamwork.
  • Learn left from right.
  • Learn to take turns.
  • Develop gross motor skills.
  • Participate in purposeful play at recess.

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