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Earn commissions and promote innovative alternative and practical learning styles. Seabrace products offer non conventional learning styles that integrate kinesthetic learning and humor in education. Below are banners and interesting education related articles to refer to for your blog or newsletter. We presently have three product lines:

Journeys of Discovery

Unique classroom interactive teaching tools for elementary and middle grade students as well as Home schooling educators.

These graphic quizzes create a unique way for educator and student alike to be entertained during the processes of teaching and learning. 'Think outside the box' clues will lead students through a fun process to follow an actual historic journey of discovery. They will learn the use of longitude, latitude, direction in degrees, and the locations of the continents, oceans and many countries of the world. In-class or parent-child discussion of the story and clues can provide an introduction to different ways of thinking and the validity of all ideas, even through some may appear strange. 39 Historic explorers follow 52 Journeys of Discovery. See product page for more info.

Who Am I?

Non-traditional feature for magazines, newspapers, newsletters and syndicates.

Who am I? is a non traditional feature that will capture your readers and have parents and students reading together to solve a graphic History/Geography quiz!

It may be run as an individual item or synchronized with your local school using our Journeys of Discovery product to produce a 'Newspapers in Education' relationship.


Like Hopscotch, but teaches and reinforces the alphabet, for primary, kindergarten and daycare.

Many students come to pre-school or primary school armed with a thorough foundation in the alphabet, some do not. This basic building block is learned at varying ages and stages of a young child's development. In addition in any class there could be ESL (English Second Language) students, slower learners or even the mentally challenged.

We believe that it is important for students entering school to experience a non-threatening, rewarding and enjoyable method of reinforcing their own knowledge base. This is accomplished for the alphabet by using ALPHA-HOP. Children learn the alphabet while hopping on monster feet inlaid with the letters of the alphabet. The monster feet are set out in a sequence to match the rhythm/cadence of our 'Alphabet Song'.

The installation of the ALPHA-HOP, indoors or out makes a bright colorful "performance learning" addition to the surface of a playground, walkway or gym at any school or daycare. See further info on the web page.


Additional Information

International World Education Standings from OECD, summarized:

Money can't buy you love and maybe it can't buy you a good education! The Paris based organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, repots from the results of its 2009 survey of 15 year old students in 5 counties or economic communities (e.g. Hong Kong).

The results reflect that a country's GDP is not necessarily the producer of a good education. (The U.S. finished 16th on an overall reading scale). Korea and Finland are the highest performing OECD counties with Shanghai out performing all. Primary top performing coutnies or economies in reading literacy include Hong Kong, Singapore, Canada, New Zealand, Japan, and Australia, with scores above the mean for the project. The Unites States,

Sweden, Germany, Ireland, France, Denmark, and the United Kingdown have scores close to the mean. Mexican had the lowest average and the gap between the highest and lowest scoring in total, which is Shanghai vs. Kyrgyzstan, is the equivalent of 6 yeras of formal schooling. For full details visit their website

Teaching Methods and Retention Rates

The NTL Institute for Applied Behavioral Sciences provides interesting data on learning styles and retention rates. Retention rates are of particular interest considering our teaching methods have moved away from hands on learning processes twoards audio video presentations and interactives supplied through computer or TV screen. Many of us have overlooked the individual difference in student learning styles. The NTL's learning Pyramid illustrates the impact that different teaching styles have on student retention rates.

The AlphaHop is all about learning through "Practice by Doing" which boasts a retention rate of 75%.

We also encourage students to share their AlphaHop experience by teaching others which is listted as the most valuable way to learn at 90%.