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Welcome to Geotheater

Geotheater... all the world is your stage!

Our learning resources emphasize arts in education. Multiple disciplines are brought together in a fun yet structured environment to produce learning through performance. Laughter and enjoyment are the keys to the end product – great retention rates!

Journeys of Discovery

Journeys of Discovery

Join 39 valiant explorers on 52 Interactive Adventures

Journeys of Discovery - Bring your classroom alive with exciting interactive adventures of exploration that provide real learning outcomes in social studies - geography and history.

Who Am I

Who am I?

Who Am I? - Readers chuckle and are entertained by solving obscure word clues on a map to follow an exciting historic journey to discover `Who Am I?'

Perform To Learn

Perform to Learn

Perform to Learn - Geotheater resources foster `Arts in Education and improve student retention rates through performance learning.

Alpha Hop

Alpha Hop

AlphaHop - "It's like Hopscotch in the playground but different in that it teaches the alphabet."



EBooks - Tears of Ma introduces little ones to the names and shapes of the continents of the world through animal friends. The Riddleasaurus Asks explains to primary students the power of a word.