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Exploring the ruins in the Yucatan

Who am I? I am John Bracey, a writer and designer.

Plagued by being a lateral thinker, John often finds solutions where there appear to be none. His resources reflect that 'think outside the box' progression and learning through kinesthetic applications. He likes to have fun and sees no reason why learning should be any other way. This is reflected in both 'Journeys of Discovery' and 'Who Am I?'

John is the originator of children's interactive playgrounds. These have been constructed onboard a major North American passenger ferry system, as well as shopping centers, retail stores, and doctors offices. He has consulted for the British Columbia Ministry of Education for many years on educational policy and direction and been contracted by the National Film Board of Canada to study and report on the effects of video games on the minds of our children.

The exciting learning resources John and his wife Katherine produced make up the Geotheater Learning System - an interactive kinesthetic group of teaching tools that address geography, history, the language arts, math and concepts in spatial comprehension for the classroom and the playground.